Work Packages




WP1 External controllers 

  • investigate external controllers implementing various frameworks for modelling, state estimation and model predictive control
  • study their robustness and adaptability on a challenging control problem: balancing a toggle switch in E. coli and S. cerevisiae


WP2 Embedded controllers

  • Design new tools and methods for analysis and design of controllers in the presence of intracellular noise
  • Develop new strategies for designing robust embedded controllers that have a small footprint and low metabolic loads
  • Develop new theory and methods for building biological insulators that enable the modular connection of embedded biological systems in a noisy environment
  • Develop a theory for nonlinear system realization using biological components
  • Design and build embedded controllers for the E. coli and yeast toggle switches


WP3 Multicellular Control 

  • The key goal of this work package is to study how to deploy control across cell populations to develop and demonstrate an integrated approach to create a synthetically engineered consortium where subpopulations of genetically engineered cells can respond to external reference inputs and self-regulate each other to exhibit a desired function


WP4 Automated microfluidics platform for quantitative modelling of biological processes

  • To design new model identification methods and tools for closed-loop modelling
  • To design new model based optimal experimental methods and tools for closed-loop model identification
  • To build an integrated platform for biomodel identification (BMID), optimal design of experiments (OED) and rapid prototyping of synthetic biology systems
  • To test and validate the performance of the rapid prototyping platform in three case study applications


WP5 Experimental applications in E. coli  

  • External control of plasmid copy number and growth rate in E. coli cells
  • Multicellular feedback control of protein concentration in E. coli cells


WP6 Taking control of the cell cycle in yeast 

  • Demonstrate that external and embedded control of gene expression can be used to drive the cell cycle in yeast


WP7 Management 

  • To manage the project according to the approved plan, support the Participants in achieving the objectives, complete the milestones in time and convey the deliverables
  • To ensure that the required reports are made and delivered in a timely manner according to quality assurance standards and homogeneity
  • To monitor, track and control deviations due to progress, cost, financial and scheduling change
  • Manage the processes to properly protect intellectual property, including confidential information and patents


WP8 Communication, dissemination and exploitation of the results

  • Communication to stakeholders and the general public will be organized through workshops, summer schools, meetings, participation in media activities and via e-communication tools as part of the central interaction website
  • Dissemination and exploitation of the results